Software Defined Networks,
Network Functions Virtualization
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  • Auditor
  • Advisory Committee
  • Board of Directors
  • Secretary(KANI)
  • Policy Committee
  • External Relations
  • Technology & Standards
  • Service PoC

Board of Directors

Deliberate and vote on the issues related to the operation and management of the forum

Policy Committee

Suggest SDN/NFV industry development policy and plan related government assignments

​Support the commercialization of SDN/NFV technology

​Promote the cooperation among industry, academia, research organizations and government

Advisory Committee

Expert advice on the implementation of the forum's mid-to long-term development plan

External Relations Committee

Strengthening external cooperation between SDN / NFV related organizations and forums

Open Networking Korea (ONK) Spring, Fall Conferences held

Technology and Standards Committee

​Establishment of the framework for SDN/NFV based network

Publish the white paper on SDN/NFV standardization for the development of Smart Internet Industry

Cooperate with SDN/NFV related international organizations for technology and standardization​

Service PoC Committee

​In charge of the PoC for SDN/NFV service of participating companies

Certify the technology standards and interoperability of SDN/NFV service of participating companies

Promote certification results of SDN/NFV service PoC of participating companies​

Necessity and Objective


The Development of National Strategies For
Next-Generation Technology and Engine for Future Growth

Establishment of SDN/NFV Forum to Secure the Global Leadership in Emerging Internet Industries The implementation system for promoting Next-generation technology/standards required
  • Fast-changing ICT Paradigm

    As IT environment progresses, network, environment is evolving quickly from hardware to software-defined network.

    Supplier-based Hardware Changes
    User-based software

    SDN/NFV and Cloud Computing are receiving much attention in recent years due to the changes in ICT Paradigm.

  • Fast-changing ICT Paradigm

    The function which is flexible and effectively manageable (which overcomes traditional structure of network computing) is increasingly demanded.

    There is the need for R&D in intelligent network platform for effective traffic management.

    The establishmnet of national mid to long-term network development plan for future ICT convergence industry is required.


The promotion of domestic network infra industry with SDN/NFV technology

Develop the framework based on domestic / international trends in SDN/NFV technology

Propose the vision for software-based network infra based on domestic hardware / software technology

Form a community for cooperation to develop related industry

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